Tamworth Country Music Festival’s 50th Anniversary – April 2022

Big year for Uncle Roger Knox at the Tamworth Country Music Festival! For the 50th Anniversary celebrations we were involved in several arts projects that complemented work Uncle Roger has been doing behind the scenes for several years now.

We have been slowly archiving and preserving Roger Knox and The Euraba Band musical cultural heritage. It has been a collaborative project, with the lion’s share of the work being given in practical support and encouragement by the curators from the Music Vault (MV) in Melbourne. For those who don’t know the MV, it is a free exhibition space in Melbourne CBD (a part of the performing arts building) that showcases past/present Australian music. It preserves its history, assists artists with managing their own cultural legacy and houses some absolutely fabulous musical artefacts. Definitely worth an extended visit if you are in Melbourne!!

We were really blessed this year to have the opportunity to put some of this behind the scenes work to good use by displaying several of Uncle Roger Knox’s artefacts within Tamworth galleries as a part of the Tamworth 50th celebrations. It has resulted in a wonderful collaboration with curators from the MV, The Tamworth Regional Gallery and the 2 Rivers Aboriginal Gallery working together to showcase several pieces of Uncle Rogers’s musical history.

It is no small feat couriering these items of cultural heritage around the country and keeping them safe. We would really like to thank Olivia & Caz (Music Vault), Briget & Lyniece (The Tamworth Regional Gallery) and Lorrayne & Lyneice (2 Rivers Gallery) for all of their hard work, perseverance and their absolute love and dedication for what they do!

In line with the Tamworth Country Music 50th anniversary The Tamworth Regional Gallery is showcasing 50 country music artists/memorabilia. The Hear Our Song exhibition at 2 Rivers Gallery focus is First Nation music greats! There is no time here to discuss the items on display but I highly recommend you visit both exhibitions and enjoy them whilst you can – they are across the road from one another, so an easy outing. Both close early May.


Nicolette and Roger xx