Griffith – Darlington Point

Recently we made 2 trips out to Griffith and to Darlington Point. It was an absolute honour to be invited to the traditional Country of the Wirradjurii people. What a deadly trip, a great way to acknowledge and remember with pride Survival Day.

It was deadly to perform in Barellan under the Big Racket – the memorial for Evonne Goolagong, a great experience to be performing there. Buddy and my grandsons Teangi and Bareki came along to Darlington Point to perform with me as The Euraba Band. We performed at the Warangesda Mission – I think it was the first Aboriginal Mission in Australia? It reminded me so much of where my parents started, even though people have moved on it still has a great atmosphere and lots of memories. It was so deadly to talk with Elders and Community from the surrounding towns. I sat under a tree with my good friend Col Hardy and watched the show. Later he performed with the Donnovan Band and they were really fantastic. Great to meet up with local performer Lawrence Barlow and recording artist Smiley Crawford from Bri – really great performers – I have both their recordings myself.

Thanks Elijah Ingram for the great photo.