Art Gallery in Fortitude Valley


Feb 23 we were invited to perform in Fortitude Valley at the Arts from The Margins Gallery exhibition opening. The exhibition featured artists from Inala Wangarra Inc. presenting their shadow boxes, photographs and stories. Through the boxes they shared history and family using everyday yet meaningful symbols. Their stories spoke of family, community, shared history, trauma and pain. Having experienced my own pain and trauma, I know the long road of healing well. That’s why I love my music. It was so deadly to see our people using arts to heal themselves. Family is the best medicine and many of these artists reflected back upon their family relationships. I couldn’t get away without singing Koorie Rose and also Irene, Irene – which is always a favourite. Thanks for a deadly exhibition, for feeding us so well and making us feel so welcome. It was an emotional and very moving day.

Thanks for inviting us!

Uncle Roger