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Euraba celebrates an enduring and cherished friendship. As partners we want to bring more healing, kindness and creativity into our lives and those around us.


The word Euraba emerges from the Gomeroi language, linking historically with Eurah the Gomeroi bush medicine. Historically too, it was the name of the first mission station the Gomeroi people of now Toomelah Aboriginal Mission Station were confined to. 

Following a tragic plane crash whilst on tour in his early 30’s, Roger needed to heal – not only his body, but his mind and Spirit. First, 2nd and 3rd degree burns over his back, legs, face, arms and hands required a long stay in the Adelaide burns Unit. Upon his release he struggled to return to normal life and was bedridden in Tamworth unable to perform. Toomelah called him home, where his Aunty Hannah bathed him with Eurah, treated his burns with goanna fat and chanted over him as he lay on his own Country absorbing its Spirit within him. Having arrived in a wheelchair, he walked out of Toomelah 3 weeks later. His Aunt gifted him the name Euraba and with it Roger with his family gathered around him, started The Euraba Band.

With Nic’s help I’ve found better way to move in a good direction with my music. With all her support, encouragement and guidance I get a big lift. She is the engine room of Euraba. I’m no good at writing letters, or negotiating or making calls. She does all that for me. When I met her I didn’t have any big plans, she encouraged me to dream big and to keep going ahead. I can just focus on what I do well – giving 100% when I walk on stage and perform. I would have given up a long time ago if weren’t for her belief in me. My dream is to reach for the future and Nic supports me getting there.

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When I first met Uncle Roger in a little town called Legume, we talked for hours. He didn’t mention once that he was a performer. He spoke passionately of his people, his culture and Country. As I was leaving, his brother handed me a battered CD and when I listened later I was overwhelmed by Rogers’s smooth baritone – and his humbleness. Over the last 14 years I have received a different kind of education from our friendship, I have learnt to be kinder, less judgemental, humbler and more patient.