Welcome to my discography. I’ll trust you will enjoy listening to some of the many recordings I have made over the years. Sit back and enjoy.
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Album Title: Stranger in My Land.
Recording Studio: Enrec/Joyride Studios Chicago.
Release Date: 2012.
Released on CD and 12″ vinyl, by Bloodshot Records America, Roger Knox with various international guest artists: Dave Alvin, Andre Williams,  Kelly Hogan, Tawny Newsome, Bonnie Prince Billy, Charlie Louvin, Sally Timms & Jon Langford.


Album Title: Cultural Swing.
Recording Studio: Soular Music.
Release Date: 2011.
Released on CD by The Health and Education Foundation, recorded live at the Warwick Town Hall, a compilation of various Aboriginal artists – Roger Knox: Koori Rose & Malabar Mansion.


Album Title: Yugal – Gamilaraay & Yuwaalaraay Songs.
Recording Studio: Music Fella Studios.
Release Date: 1993.
Released on CD by NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs – a compilation of language songs by various artists – Roger Knox: Mil Gunigu (Brown Skin Baby) Gugan Gaaynggul (Mothers Eyes) & Bina Mil (Ears,  eyes).


Album Title: Going on Still Strong.
Recording Studio: Ross McGregor.
Release Date: 2004
Released on CD by Trailblazer Records – graphics updated 2012.


Album Title: Warrior in Chains.
Recording Studio: Enrec.
Release Date: 1993.
Released on CD by Enrec.


Album Title: Koala Bear.
Recording Studio: Enrec.
Release Date: 1988.
Image not available – released on 7″ vinyl by Enrec – Side A – Roger Knox: Koala Bear /Side B – Vic Simms: Hey Sheriff.
Album Title: Carnivale Live.
Recording Studio: Egan.
Release Date: 1991
Released on CD by Egan Festival Records and AAMA following the Carnivale tour across Austalia’s East coast. A compilation and celebration of Aboriginal  talent. Roger Knox: Racial Discrimination & Streets of Tamworth.


Album Title: Goulburn Jail single.
Recording Studio: Enrec.
Release Date: 1988.
Released on 7″ vinyl by Enrec – Side A – Roger Knox: Goulburn Jail/Side B – Mac Silver: Malabar Mansion.


Album Title: Koori Classic Volume 7.
Recording Studio: Enrec.
Release Date: 1986.
Released as a series of cassettes Koori Classics 1 – 7 by Enrec. These compilation cassettes highlighted the as yet undiscovered talent of many different Aboriginal artists/music of the 1980’s. Roger featured on many of the cassettes.


Album Title: The Gospel Album.
Recording Studio: Enrec/Trailblazer.
Release Date: 1986/2007.
Released on cassette in 1986 by Enrec and then re-released in 2007 by Trailblazer in 2007 with 2 additional tracks.


Album Title: Give it a Go.
Recording Studio: Enrec.
Release Date: 1984.
Released on 12″ vinyl & cassette by Enrec.
Re-issue Date: 2016.
Record Company: Trailblazer
Released on CD.