Roger Knox induction to NIMA’s Hall of Fame

The 2018 NIMA Awards

Join us for all the action at the 2018 National Indigenous Music Awards

Posted by NITV on Saturday, 11 August 2018


Tamworth 2022
ABC Radio Evenings Interview
Live interview on ABC
Black Tear Tracks - NITV

Roger’s trip to the USA in 2012 @ the Hardly Strictly Blugrass Festival in San Francisco with a crowd of 37,000

The Johnny Cash of Australian country would have to be Roger Knox
Knox is helping to shape a tradition most of the world doesn’t even know exists: his country’s very worthwhile Aboriginal C&W scene.
Stranger in My Land is a five on a five scale listen.
Down-under civil-rights songs addressing feelings of racial alienation and making pleas for justice, all couched in the plainspoken language of vintage Nashville.